Steps of Excellence - Women in Facilities & Transportation

Loving our ladies in facilities and transportation. These are the ladies that work behind the scenes to ensure the safety of our little ones.

Patricia Brown we thank you for your years of service in transportation. We also thank you for your countless contributions to children throughout the community. You're certainly known as everyone's Aunty!

Altagracia Molina thank you for your years of service in the custodial department. Thank you for being one of a kind and taking pride in what you do for education staff and students.

Annette Bell thank you for showing our girls that we too can work in male-dominated industries, and show elegance and grace while doing it. Thank you for being our lady in maintenance!

Your Steps of Excellence doesn't go unnoticed and we thank you for being the women in facilities and transportation along with so many countless others that our girls can be proud to look up to.

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