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We are excited to introduce to you our affirmation collection.  Nothing more powerful than speaking positive words over yourself and over the ones you love.  For us at Step's Foundation, Inc. we're continuously speaking positive words to our students and families.   In our programs, we teach students about affirmations so it's only fitting that we continue to place these messages back out in the world. Your purchase of items helps us to continue the work that we do with students and families, whether it's supplies, snacks, incentives, or covering students' outings with us.  We are appreciative of your support and we hope that you enjoy the collection.  

Our collection will surely grow!

Balanced 1.png
Balanced 1.png

I Am Balanced Collection

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that there is balance in your day. Allow this collection to be that reminder that you need. Constantly say out loud "I am Balanced!"

Creative 2.png

I Am Creative Collection

For my creative arts people or those that aspire to be great artists. Always remember that the creativity within you shall continue to flow. Grab an item from the I Am Creative Collection to remind you of how creative you are.

Creative 2.png
Enough 3.png

I Am Enough Collection

In life, we can sometimes feel that we need to be more than who we are!  Never doubt yourself.  Know that you are enough!  Stand in the mirror take a hard look at yourself and say "I AM ENOUGH!" Grab from this collection and remind yourself that you're enough!

Who I am 4.png

I Am Who I Am Collection

You don't have to be anyone other than who you are.  Embrace your quirkiness, nerdiness, weirdness, and awkwardness!! There will never be another person on this earth like you.  Uniqueness is everything!  Remind yourself every day that you are meant to be who you are. Purchase an item from this collection today!

Who I am 4.png
Worthy 5.png

I Am Worthy Collection

Know that you are worthy of all the great things that come your way.  Sometimes we're hard on ourselves and we question if we are worthy of the kindness, worthy of the blessings, or worthy at all!  Allow this to be your reminder that YES YOU ARE WORTHY of it all.  Gift someone with this reminder today.

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