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There are several ways that you can help support us.  

1. You can support us by becoming a volunteer for our Life Skills Program.  You can be a volunteer to help setup and take down, or even if you want to volunteer to become a speaker or panelist for our workshop topics.

2. You can support us by becoming a workshop sponsor.  Your donation as a sponsor will help us with items to give away to the students that attend the workshop. $100.00

3. You can support us by sponsoring a student.  By sponsoring a student you're saying that you're committed to donating each month to sponsor one student for the duration of the program year.  2020-2021 annual student sponsorship is $250.00

4. You can support us by becoming a monthly donor.  That donation can be as little as $1-$5 per month.  

To see what workshops are coming up please click the link below or see the calendar below.

Our Calendar

I pledge to make a difference!

This pledge is not just monetary.  You can make a difference by being a mentor for the youth, by becoming a panel member for the workshops, or simply by helping someone in your community.  It starts with a smile!

Where are your donations going?   Your donations will go towards scholarship funds for high school students, as well as items to host workshops.

In Person

Call me and we can meet.



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Please feel free to reach out to us and let us know how you can help us or how we can help you.

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