Steps of Excellence - Women in Law

For us women, we have come along way! I get excited every time I think about how we celebrate each other's successes. We want each of you to know that we see your personal success and we see what you do for others!

LaZondra Randolph, we see how you step in countless times to help others, your community initiatives, and your drive to make sure that our children understand how important voting is!

Anusha Shaikh, we see you continuing to grow and thrive! New location, new marriage, a new addition to the family and you still find time to do for others! We see you and we're proud of you, keep pushing.

Rosalind Johnson, we thank you for being that Big Sis to all these women and young girls. Pushing and empowering them to press beyond their circumstances.

Your Steps of Excellence doesn't go unnoticed and we thank you for being the women in law along with so many countless others that our girls can be proud to look up to.

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