Steps of Excellence - Women in Mental Health

For any of you that know our founder, you know this is her favorite area! We want each of you to know that we see your personal success and we see what you do for others!

Dr. Shainna Ali, thank you for inspiring us to continue our self-love journey. Thank you for always being transparent and allowing others to see that therapists are human too! Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

Dr. Letitia Brown James, we thank you for being a mentor to so many. Thank you for pushing us to be better, and thank you for showing students how to be advocates in our field. Dr.

Shannon Karl, thank you for always bringing the positive energy in the room with you, no matter where you are. Thank you for being a guide, a mentor, and the student's biggest cheerleader.

Your Steps of Excellence doesn't go unnoticed and we thank you for being the women in mental health along with so many countless others that our girls can be proud to look up to.

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