Steps of Excellence - Women in Non-Profits

We're excited to recognize women in nonprofits pushing for change and better communities.

LaSheena Williams we thank you for loving the youth, loving the community and loving others. You push so many people we want you to know that your work doesn't go unnoticed.

Tammy Douglass we thank you for all you do helping survivors of domestic violence. We thank you for the work you continue to do.

Kendra Pearson we thank you for pushing girls to make a fresh start. Your mission and vision is amazing, keep going. So many young ladies need to hear your testimony.

Jade Mitchell we thank you for pushing more resources out into the communities! Allow the vines in the vineyard to flourish.

Your Steps of Excellence doesn't go unnoticed and we thank you for being the women in non-profits along with so many countless others that our girls can be proud to look up to.

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