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2023 Tree of H.O.P.E.

Happiness with Ongoing Progress and Expectations

We're excited for our 3rd year for Tree of HOPE!  Please see our student list below with the directions for how to sponsor a student.


Tree of Hope.png
Tree of Hope.png

"Gratitude blooms like petals on the Tree of Hope"

To all the hearts and hands that contributed to this beautiful symbol of unity and resilience, thank you. Your support and dedication have nurtured hope and kindness within our community.

Together, we've sown seeds of positivity and created a canopy of inspiration for all. Your generosity has made a lasting impact, reminding us that together, we can weather any storm.

Thank you for being the roots of our Tree of Hope.

Want to sponsor a student?

Step 1: Check the tags below to see which student you would like to sponsor!
Step 2: Fill out our sponsorship form!  This lets us know which student you're interested in sponsoring and then we can place a COMPLETE tag across that student.
Step 3: Give us 24 hours to confirm your sponsored student.  DO NOT PURCHASE until we've confirmed your student, this helps reduce duplicate orders. 
Step 4: Once you've received your confirmation you can begin purchasing, some student items are listed on our amazon wishlist, on Walmart, or require you to go shopping for them. 

If you are shopping and wish to have items shipped or delivered to us please deliver to:



All gifts need to be received by December 1st so that we can prepare them for distribution to students.


4701 Old Canoe Creek Road
Saint Cloud, FL 34769

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