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2022 Tree of H.O.P.E.

Happiness with Ongoing Progress and Expectations

We're back for year 2!  We're so grateful for all that sponsored students last year and we're super excited to see the wonderful faces of students this year.  Check out some of our photos from last year's Tree of HOPE!!!


Tree of Hope.png
Tree of Hope.png

Want to sponsor a student?

Step 1: Check the tags below to see which student you would like to sponsor!
Step 2: Fill out our sponsorship form!  This lets us know which student you're interested in sponsoring and then we can place a TAKEN tag across that student.
Step 3: Give us 24 hours to confirm your sponsored student.  DO NOT PURCHASE until we've confirmed your student, this helps reduce duplicate orders. 
Step 4: Once you've received your confirmation you can begin purchasing, some student items are listed on our amazon wishlist, on Walmart, or require you to go shopping for them.  That information is listed in their tag and will be sent in your confirmation email as well.

All gifts need to be received by December 2nd so that we can prepare them for distribution to students.


Thank you to all of our student sponsors for a successful year 2 of Tree of HOPE!  We couldn't do this without you.  Pics coming soon!

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