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Donating is part of how you can pledge to make a difference.  Whether it's $5 or $100 every little bit helps us.  By pressing the donate button you get to choose whether you desire to donate to our scholarships, programs or just a general donation.  You also get to choose whether you want to donate monthly or one time.  Your donations help us provide incentives to students, purchase program materials (our survival boxes or items to go inside the boxes), give out snacks at meetups, or T-shirts for students in our programs. Whatever and however you chose to donate, we say thank you because without donors a lot of what we do wouldn't be possible!!   

In-Kind Donations

 Check out our wishlists by clicking on the names highlighted in yellow!

Diverse Exchange Students


Survival Wishlist

Rock Balancing


Retain Your Brain Wishlist

Happy Reader


CP Resiliency Wishlist

Decorated Event Table


Events Wishlist

Graduation Ceremony


College Kit Wishlist

In Person

Call me and we can meet.



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Saint Cloud, FL 34770

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