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2023 Scholarship Opportunities

1. Make sure you read the rubric before you get started.

2. Scholarships open 1/1/2023 and close on 4/1/2023 for 2023 graduating seniors.

3.  Make sure that when you're doing your application you have all your documents ready to upload.


Documents to upload:
Last report card
Reference Letter


All applicants must have attended at least 5 workshops or be an active participant in a program with the foundation (Survival Program or Retain Your Brain Program).

If you have any questions email

Scholarship Rubric.png
Scholarship Rubric (1).png

Ida M. Ward Humanitarian scholarship

A scholarship that focuses on making a postive impact on the community. 

Stepping like a boss entrepreneurship Scholarship

A scholarship that focuses on students that have the desire to start their own businesses. 

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