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What is Career Quest part of?

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is a collaborative federal-state program dedicated to assisting individuals with physical or mental disabilities in obtaining or maintaining employment. To find a local office, visit Simply select the "Directory" tab and click on the map to locate the nearest office.

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Steps to get started:

Step 1:


To start your Career Quest journey, you'll first need to enroll with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). Step's Foundation, Inc. can assist you with this by submitting an electronic application on your behalf. Once VR receives your application, they'll begin processing and contact you to guide you through the next steps.

Step 2:


VR will review your application to determine your eligibility for services. The review process varies depending on your specific situation. Make sure to discuss the decision-making process with your VR counselor and carefully note any documentation deadlines they provide. Timely submissions will ensure a smooth process.

Step 3:


Your VR counselor will work with you to create an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). This plan will outline your career goals, the services you can receive, preparation strategies for employment, and your financial contributions (if any).

Step 4:

External Support

Some services are provided directly by VR counselors, while others come from vendors like Step's Foundation, Inc. Our services are listed below, and we're dedicated to helping you achieve greater independence. We tailor our support to meet your individual needs.

Step 5:

Career Quest Services

If you choose Step's Foundation, Inc., your VR counselor will send us a referral. Once we receive it, we'll initiate your services promptly, reaching out to discuss your job goals and establish a plan of action. We're excited to work with you on your journey to success!

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Upcoming Sessions

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Youth Career Quest

Ages 14-21

Still in school


Adult Career Quest

Ages 18-24

Out of high school

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