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Ida Mae Ward
Humanitarian Scholarship

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This scholarship is made in honor of Ida Mae Ward.  A woman who believed in doing for others, someone who believed in community, and someone that people could depend on.  She stood strong in her faith, and in the small town of Moore Haven, most would remember her because of her Sunday School Superintendent role at First Missionary Baptist Church.  She believed that Sunday School was a place to educate.  It was more than just learning about Jesus, it was a place that many learned to read, and that's what she took pride in the most.  Her home was open for prayer and meals to many in the neighborhood.  Outside of church, the community knew her best for the cakes she would bake.  If you knew her, your birthday was always a special day because she would make sure a cake and a card were ready for you.  So many of us learned what it was to give back to our community selflessly because of her.  She is one of the several reasons Steps Foundation Inc. exists.


The Scholarship

The Essay

What do you plan to do to better your community? Write a 5-10 step plan to reach that goal with details.


Your action plan should include the following:

  • The problem you see that you believe you can fix.

  • Explain how your current community service efforts are or aren't helping solve the problem you see.

  • How do you believe you can solve the problem?

**600-word minimum**

The Requirements

  • Must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA

  • Must submit a minimum 600-word essay using proper grammar

  • Must submit one professional reference letter on a professional letterhead 

  • Must submit last report card

  • Students must complete a minimum of 5 workshops to be eligible or be an active participant of one of our programs.

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