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Come prepared to have fun: we do this through games and PG-rated movies that go with the topic.

We know that some topics can be triggering.  We've partnered with counselors that are available to speak with you.

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Open to parents/guardians and students from middle to high school.

We'll have these meetups twice a month on either a Saturday or Sunday each month.

Starting Soon!

  • Sometimes its tough for us to have hard conversations with our kids.  Sometimes we as parents need that extra encouragement and assistance to talk about lifes unpleasureable situations.

Happy Family
What We're Doing

Help families increase positive communication.

Create a supportive environment.

Provide a fun atmosphere to talk about tough topics.

Provide counseling referrals should a family need counseling services.

We'll be meeting in different areas around Central Florida!

Happy Family
Discussion Topics
  • Bullying

  • Suicide

  • Identity

  • Teen Dating Violence

  • Cyberbullying/   Internet Safety

  • Sex Trafficking

  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse

  • Self-Image

  • Mental Health

Image by National Cancer Institute
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