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Youth Program Ambassador

Young Volunteers


  • Promote Youth Programs: Actively engage with schools, community organizations, and youth networks to raise awareness about Step’s Foundation’s programs. Utilize various communication channels to promote its benefits, encourage participation, and attract potential applicants.

  • Recruitment and Selection: Collaborate with the program team to select a diverse group of participants who align with the program's goals and values.

  • Program Support: Serve as a mentor and guide for program participants, offering support and advice as needed. Help create a safe and inclusive environment where participants feel comfortable expressing their ideas and collaborating with their peers. Assist in organizing program activities, workshops, and events.

  • Communication and Outreach: Act as a liaison between program participants, their families, and the organization. Maintain regular communication to provide updates, share relevant resources, and address any concerns. Actively engage with program alumni, fostering a sense of community and encouraging their continued involvement.

  • Impact Assessment: Collaborate with the program team to collect feedback from participants and evaluate the program's effectiveness. Contribute to the development of strategies for continuous improvement and enhancement of the program's impact.


  • Step’s Foundation Inc will utilize a variety of methods to focus on topics that affect youth throughout our community such as drug and alcohol education, antibullying campaigns, suicide prevention, gun violence, and mental health.

  • Create public service announcements to coincide with some of the above-mentioned campaigns.

  • There will be some leadership activities that will provide hands-on leadership development and training.

  • Service events – youth ambassadors will participate in various events held by Step’s Foundation and some of our community partners, which will provide assistance and give back to the community (ex; toy drives, food drives, parades, ceremonies, back-to-school drives, resource fairs, mental health fairs, etc)

  • Help create video footage of activities, events, conferences, and workshops to go on social media to promote Step’s Foundations programs and initiatives.


  • Attend Program Ambassador Orientation

  • Attend at least 2 Board Meetings per calendar year (held on the 2nd Thursday at 7:30pm) 

  • Attend Youth Program Ambassador meetings 1st Friday at 6pm every month

  • Must participate in projects, sub-committees, community events, and/or meetings upon request

    • We send out communication in advance for events and ambassadors will need to sign up in advance

  • Be prepared to educate your peers on Step’s Foundation Inc’s programs 

  • Show proper respect and exhibit orderly conduct at all meetings and events

  • Establish goals, work plans, and budgets to help address youth concerns in the community 

  • Provide and research resources for youth-oriented programs and projects

  • Promote public awareness of the strengths and abilities of Steps Foundation’s Programs

  • Connect teens and families to services

  • Coordinate with local, state, and national youth organizations as necessary

  • Assist with the planning of youth activities

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