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Youth and Young Adult Committee

Performing Art Class

 Committee Responsibilties

  • Attend and participate in committee meetings that will be held 1st Friday at 6pm every month.

    • Attendance is a plus so really think about this commitment.  If you miss 3 meetings you will be removed from the committee. If you are holding an executive leadership role know that you will need to participate in board meetings.  ​

  • Take responsibility for both annual and long-range curriculum and activity planning in Youth Leadership.

  • Develop and implement plans to increase participation in Step’s Foundation, Inc’s program and leadership opportunities.

  • Make recommendations to the Program Committee for training that supports youth leadership and youth-adult partnership in all of Step’s Foundation, Inc’s programs.

  • Organize, coordinate and evaluate activities that promote youth leadership.

  • Make recommendations for new leadership activities and discontinue outdated ones.

  • Oversee the selection and work of community connection projects.

  •  Follow through on any committee or sub-committee work.

  •  Coordinate participation in Youth Leadership Conferences locally or statewide.

  • Work closely with youth program ambassadors on community initiatives and support their learning efforts and growth. 

  • Set aside an average of 5-10 hours per month that will be used for meetings, conferences, workshops, projects, etc.

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